Hi, I’m Taylor A. Dunn

I am currently a philosophy graduate student at the University of California, Irvine (Department of Philosophy). I’m also a visiting scholar at UNC Chapel Hill for the 2022-23 academic year. I’m advised by Annalisa Coliva. My research interests include topics in epistemology, the philosophy of logic, philosophy of language, and metaphysics.

In particular, I am working on an account of the normativity of logic which has it that certain basic logical rules are constitutive norms of thought, and I explore its consequences for things like the epistemology of logic and logical pluralism. I am also interested in reductio arguments, the normativity of consistency and coherence, epistemic akrasia, the Catuskoti, the epistemology of faith, and demonstrative expressions.

Here is my CV.

When I find time, I also make music.

I’m currently working on papers on:
– logical aliens
– logical constitutivism
– logical abductivism
– logical pluralism
– hyperlinks and demonstratives
– Kierkegaard and Quasi-Fideism

Myself and my son, Bruno, at six months old